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Finance and Insurance fund adviser.
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Logo for the UAE based financial agency and online magazine on forex trading. Mark inspired by Arabic calligraphy hides the desert falcon shape.
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US Census 2010
Our Brand Graphic brings “It’s In Our Hands” to life. It shows visually how all different kinds of hands can come together to make one. It’s an instantl...
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Brock University
Brock University has one of the fastest growing student populations in Ontario, and was voted one of the best in Canada. It’s also a university that actively ...
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Hong Kong
The visual identity of BrandHK, which has taken on a more contemporary look, maintains the virtues of the original dragon logo — a mythical and powerful icon ...
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The Museum of Science and Industry
"Our new logo is a small symbol of big changes you’ll see today and in the coming months at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. We’ll put you ...
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Design Grafis Indonesia
The big idea behind the identity of DGI is very simple. Indonesia Graphic Design is a part of the international graphic design scene. The approach of ligature b...
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Mount Royal University
The three folding forms represent open books — classic symbols of education and learning. They also reflect open doors — suggestive of possibilities, opport...
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UK Space Agency
The new UK Space Agency was launched by Lord Mandelson, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills and Science, and Lord Drayson, Innovation Minis...
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Griffin Technology Inc., maker of ingenious ways to power, play, protect and connect, unveiled its new visual brand. Built around an entirely revamped wordmark,...
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Scribd, the largest social publishing and reading site in the world has redesigned its logo.
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New logo of Egypt that is supposed to make you interested in the country and want to visit it.
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Aarhus University
"The design is anchored in modernism, resulting in a distinctly modern, clean and simple design based on the geometric forms square, triangle and circle an...
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Bank of Taipei
"On the heels of a new international agreement that will allow Taiwan banks to do business in the massive Chinese market, the Bank of Taipei commissioned C...
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Following his defeat in the 2008 Presidential Election to Barack Obama, John McCain sought to revitalize his image, dispelling the claim that he was “too old�...
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Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux variant. Here's what they say about their new identity: "We’re drawn to Light because it denotes both warmth and ...
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Cake Film
Wedding photography agency that operates in Brazil and Australia. Stylized film roles shape the wedding cake with the small camera on the top.
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CobaltCow Brand Development
The idea of a 'brand' is traditionally based on when farmers would mark cattle to show ownership, so the tie to the business name, was that the cow would do the...
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the Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia
"The project’s designer, Adam Garcia, began sketching versions of Philadelphia’s grid. We all liked [the] hand drawn version, as it echoed Penn’s ori...
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Intermarché is a chain of supermarkets and hypermarkets owned by the Les Mousquetaires group, which has also changed its identity.
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Les Mousquetaires
Les Mousquetaires (The Musketeers), is a leading French super and hypermarket chain founded in 1969, employing 130,000 people across Europe in over 4,000 stores...
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Melbourne Heart FC
Melbourne Heart FC is a soccer team that will begin competing in the A-League during the upcoming 2010/11 season, and, until recently, lacked a concrete name an...
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The new brand, called Unnim, is the result of the fusion of four relatively small Catalan banks: Caixa Girona, Caixa Manlleu, Caixa Sabadell, and Caixa Terrassa...
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