About Designed.nu

Designed.nu is a collection of logos of all types, shapes, styles and colors. Trere are logos which are submitted directly by designers who have designed them or by anybody who liked a particular logo and wanted to share it (in this case link to the designer's website is a must).

You will be surprized to know how many logos are produced by designers all over the world every day. Designed.nu will try to bring the best of them to the its frontpage daily so that you can easily find out about the latest developments in identity see the trends and find inspiration for your own projects. Only select few will make it to the frontpage, but you will always be able to see all the logos that have been submitted by clicking the link to all logos.

Another important goal of Designed.nu is to provide a place for designers to host their logo portfolios, which will be simple to use, yet very efficient.


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